Hi there, my name is Anna Nisenman. I’m a cosmetologist who created a skincare brand Via Style. Since my sweet-fifteen, I have been living and working in Israel. Professional skincare became my life’s work since 2010.

During that time, I have:

  • worked alone in a room of 26 sq.m;
  • opened the clinic with a staff of cosmetologists and dermatologists;
  • developed an author’s technique for the skin rejuvenation “Mesoforte”;
  • started producing hyper-effective high concentrated acid skincare products;
  • switched from an offline Israeli clinic to helping women online worldwide to care for their skin and achieve great results in the comfort of their homes.

But most importantly, I’ve helped more than 50 000 clients get rid of skin concerns and feel attractive, young, and confident.

Though, let’s start from the beginning.

Alone abroad

I was born in Samara, a small Russian city, in an ordinary family like thousands of others. Until the age of 14, I was no different from my peers. Then, having passed all the school tests and tons of psychological examinations, I moved to Israel. All alone. A 15-year-old teenage girl. Since then, my life has changed completely. I was living and studying for 3 years in a closed boarding school. To say it was challenging is to say nothing, but the desire to achieve something worthwhile in this new country dried up all the tears. Here I got two university degrees, got married to a wonderful man, gave birth to three amazing kids, and… strengthened my desire to become a highly professional cosmetologist to “make” women beautiful.

From 26 sq.m. to a cosmetology clinic in Israel

When I opened a beauty salon, I had nothing but a few courses under my belt and great faith in myself. I handed out promotional flyers. I was terrified of not being able to pay the rent. I gave 1000% doing the procedures to my first client, and I wasn’t afraid to try new things.

My restless energy and desire to understand the body functions to help clients improve their skin gave a terrific result!

They believed me. They recommended me to their friend. They listened to my opinion and recommendations. So when it came time to expand, my clinic was packed with clients.

But it wasn’t enough for me.

From cosmetologist to cosmetic developer

Constantly working with clients, I saw that cosmetics from the mass market don’t give the desired result. The skin strengthened but not strong enough. The acne went away but not entirely. We couldn’t completely remove the dark circles under the eyes and the age spots from the face. I understood that it was not about the skin. It was about the skin care products that weren’t effective. They simply couldn’t give what we expected from them.

So I decided to start producing effective skin care products with highly concentrated acids that would help get rid of acne, post-acne, hyperpigmentation, and age-related changes. And they really do!

The high concentration of acids gives a result in 100% of cases. That’s right, I have zero negative feedback. And these are not empty words! It’s a complex DWY approach and the quality of my skincare products. After all, they are all made in Israel, passed many checks, and were approved by the Ministry of Health. There is no other way to produce cosmetics here.

What do I mean by the DWY approach?

When ordering Via Style cosmetics, you get not just products but an in-home cosmetological procedure, which includes:

I always stay in touch to answer questions if they happen and correct your skincare if needed.

My cosmetics are my responsibility. So I am always on your result. That’s why you won’t find Via Style products on the shelves in the mass market stores. But you can always order them on this site, no matter where you’re based.

In-home skincare

Over the years of practice, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and personal skin care lifehacks. In addition to hyper-effective skin care products, I have developed “Mesoforte” my author’s method for rejuvenation. Plus, I combined various lymph drainage techniques, anti-aging massage, “heat-cold” procedures, and other cosmetic practices that every woman can do. In my online courses and webinars, I teach how to take care of yourself with maximum effect and pleasure and at no extra cost in the comfort of your home.

I’m sure cosmetology is not about “creams and masks”. It’s about female nature that always needs support, self-confidence, and a competent DWY approach.