Shipping and Returns

Free worldwide shippingFOR KIT ORders Free worldwide shipping for kit orders! Free worldwide shipping for kit orders! Free worldwide shipping for kit orders! Free worldwide shipping for kit orders! Free worldwide shipping for kit orders!

When ordering Via Style skin care products, you can be sure of free shipping wherever you are, even across the ocean. Moreover, all responsibility for the delivery and your results from my products is on me.

Before shipping, we carefully pack each parcel. Cosmetics are placed in tight air cushion bags that are additionally pulled together with tape. It prevents jars damage. After that, we put the packaged skin care products in mailbags with an additional air cushion. We do not use extra packaging for shipment, only what is needed for safe transportation.

We carefully pack each parcel before shipping. At first, we place the cosmetics in a package upholstered with a film. After that, the package is pulled together with plastic tape, so the jars are not damaged.

The skincare products are stored in sealed containers that allow them not to lose their beneficial effects for several years. It also protects the cosmetics while shipping anywhere worldwide.

Of the thousands of parcels we delivered, there were a few cases when the jar broke down or the lid cracked during shipping. In such situations, I sent new skincare products. Though it has happened pretty rarely. Usually, cosmetic arrives safe and sound.

If suddenly the parcel is detained at customs and returned to me in Israel, I immediately send a new one. There was not a single client who wouldn’t receive my skin care products.

You can be sure: the Via Style products will definitely be delivered to your place, so you’d get excellent skincare using them!

Можешь быть спокойна — средства Via Style обязательно к тебе придут и ты получишь от них результат!

Before ordering Via Style skin care products, you’ll always have a free consultation, where we not only select cosmetics according to your skin type and concern but also find out: 

  • are my products suitable for you? 
  • is there an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity to any ingredient?

Such an approach helps to achieve massive results from home skin care and to minimize the returns if the cream simply does not fit.

But at the same time, I work under the laws of the Government of Israel. According to it, you can return an unopened skin care product within 14 days, and I will refund you.

Please check out the Terms and Conditions for detailed information on the delivery and return.