So you won acne. New pimples stopped popping up one after another. It’d seem you finally can relax but… here post-acne comes. These are small dark spots or scars left behind after an inflamed blemish heals. Let’s dig deeper into each of them.

Post-acne hyperpigmentation

At first, post-acne pigmentation is a new naturally colored layer of skin. But for most people, these spots turn brown over time. It happens because the body protects new delicate skin and boosts melanin production in these places. 

The treatment of post-acne pigmentation is a long-term game. Generally, people live with it for years. But you can remove dark spots by exfoliating the top layer of the skin and controlling the production of melanin. The critical condition for effective treatment is that new pimples no longer appear since each inflammation will leave a new brown mark.

Post-acne scars

Post-acne scars don’t happen to everyone. Though still very common. The post-acne scars appear either because of long acne treatments or mechanical damage to the skin. It means, you squeezed out pimples or undergone incorrect cosmetic facial cleansing by non-professional cosmetologists.

“Holes” on the face don’t look pleasing and are not easy to treat, so women dream of visually lessening them quickly (and safely) as possible. And we can do so! Even deep post-acne scars can be smoothed out and visually reduced. 

As with post-acne pigmentation, it’s also important to exfoliate the dead cells out of the top layer of the skin and boost the collagen and elastin production to build new skin instead of the “holes”. The younger you are, the faster it regenerates new cells.

The Via Style Post-acne Scars and Via Style Post-acne Hyperpigmentation skincare

are designed to fix post-acne concerns. Unique formulas contain Alpha-hydroxy-acids such as retinoic, glycolic, sebacic, hyaluronic, and other acids, as well as vitamin complexes, moisturizers, and extracts that:

  • exfoliate dead cells out of the top layer of the skin along with dark marks;
  • stimulate cell regeneration;
  • control the production of melanin;
  • fill “holes” in place of scars with “new” skin;
  • improve the skin color and texture; 
  • smooth and moisturize the skin.

Take care of your skin in the comfort of your home using Via Stile Acid Skincare. Within 4-6 weeks, you’ll reveal bright & fresh skin beneath the post-acne dark marks and scars.

Post-acne concern shouldn’t make you self-unpleasant!

You can enjoy clear, healthy, glowing skin like thousands of my clients worldwide.