We usually think that acne is a teenage skin concern. Puberty and hormones will pass with age, not worth worrying about it, right? You know, I was told the same things when I was a 15-year-old girl who hid pimply cheeks behind her hair or a scarf and did not allow her boyfriend to touch her face. It hurts.

And what if acne, comedones, skin bumps, and large pores haunt you at 15, 30, and 40 years?

Some women notice their first pimples during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Others at the beginning or after the abolition of taking contraceptive pills. Someone before menstruation or during menopause. But some individuals suffer from acne all their life.

We do everything to get rid of the hated pimples:

  • try to stick to a strict diet;
  • go through tons of medical tests & exams;
  • get sun-tuned by the scorching sun;
  • take hormonal pills.

But nothing helps. Acne doesn’t go anywhere or… comes back again after a while.


With 13 years of practical experience in the cosmetology, I found out that acne is usually caused by the following:

Hormonal changes

  • teenagers
  • menopause
  • pregnancy
  • stress
  • even in your periods, 1-2-3 pimples may appear, noticed?

Clogged pores

The hormonal fluctuations cause the overproduction of sebum. Meanwhile, an irregular exfoliation of the dead cells and incomplete cleansing of your face may clog the pores. It causes appearing of acne.

Therefore, the most effective acne treatment is deep cleansing the face and reducing skin oiliness. Via Style Anti-Acne highly concentrated acid skin care will help you to do this.

The formulas consist of a combination of azelaic, salicylic, and other acids, as well as vitamins, moisturizers, and extracts that:

  • unclog pores;
  • dry out excess sebum;
  • soothe inflamed skin;
  • shrink your pores;
  • prevent the rising of new pimples, skin bumps, and comedones.

During the first months of using Via Style Anti-Acne Skincare, you’ll notice that old acne slowly disappear and new ones stop appearing. The pores will reduce visually, the skin texture will improve and become smoother, and the skin bumps will stop bothering you. Carry on to use Via Style acid skincare a couple of times per week and enjoy healthy, clear, and acne-free skin.