Skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation is one of the common skin concerns caused by excessive melanin production. In this condition, some areas of the skin look darker than others. The dark spots on the face, neck, decollete, and other body areas may appear at any age. It was with many of my clients — real women who suffered from hyperpigmentation for years! Here are some of them:

One of my clients was absolutely sure that the spots were freckles but it turned out to be solar pigmentation.

The third one saw tons of dark spots on her face and body after the pregnancy. It was really frustrating to get both the great happiness of childbirth and deep self-dissatisfaction.

Another client complained that with years the dark spots on her face got larger, along with wrinkles and skin drooping.

As for the fourth one, she believed getting rid of teenage acne would be her biggest difficulty until she noticed plenty of dark spots instead of former pimples.

These are above, just a few cases out of thousands of others.

Although reducing hyperpigmentation is possible without complex (and usually not cheap) cosmetological procedures. There is no need to give up on what you have as well. To fight skin pigmentation, you need to use acid skincare that will remove dead cells with current dark spots and control the production of melanin that causes the appearance of new dark spots.

The Via Style Anti-Pigmentation Skincare will help you with it.

The unique formulas and combination of highly concentrated acids (retinoic, adipic, sebacic, etc.) allow to:

  • exfoliate the dead cells with dark spots out of the top layer of skin;
  • lighten dark spots and improve skin color;
  • prevent the production of melanin and the appearance of new pigmentation.

By using acid skin care for 4-6 weeks, you’ll get smooth, healthy, and naturally colored skin without dark spots.

Though, it’s not the time to stop fighting hyperpigmentation!

It is essential not to give up and keep up with what you’ve received. Therefore, after the first outstanding results, I recommend using acid skincare a couple of times a week. It’ll be enough so that the skin pigmentation does not return. 

Don’t forget to use sunscreen daily. So you’d completely forget about dark spots and uneven skin color.